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The benefits of routine fertility visits have long been recognised.  However we feel that by solely examining the cows which are presented, opportunities for increased efficiency and profitability may be missed.

We try to take a wider approach on our routine fertility visits.  This includes

  • Regular assessment of calf management: looking after your future herd
  • Consideration of body condition and mobility
  • Proactive infectious disease management
  • Practical nutrition advice and production monitoring
  • Active udder health management
  • Farm data analysis and advice

Increasingly milk buyers are enforcing various health initiatives, such as Johne’s monitoring and Selective Dry Cow Therapy.  We are here to guide you through these changes and assist in reaping the benefits, rather than just ‘ticking boxes’.

Farm Data Analysis

The chart below shows the average age at first calving for some of our herds.  The lines indicate the target age and the national average.

The following graph shows First Service Timing and permits an assessment of both timing in relation to the voluntary waiting period, and service outcomes.